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Understanding & Installing Porcelain Paving

How to Install Porcelain Paving - by Brett

Brett video on installing their standard porcelain paving range. This demonstrates the method that should be followed for all porcelain installations. All Brett products conform to UKCA standards.

Advice & Solutions for Cleaning Porcelain - by Global Stone

This useful guide from Global Stone offers advice and solutions for cleaning porcelain paving. Although porcelain is very resilient to staining, it is always necessary to maintain it to keep it in tip top condition.

How to Lay Porcelain onto a Full Mortar Bed - by Global Stone

Global Stone video guide showing how to lay porcelain paving onto a full mortar bed and the correct methods for using slurry primer to aid adhesion. This is the most popular and considered to be the best way of laying porcelain paving. All Global Stone products conform to UKCA standards.

How to Lay Porcelain Paving on a Full Concrete Bed - by Global Stone

Global Stone video showing the techniques needed to lay porcelain paving on a full concrete bed instead of the more typical mortar bed. Useful watching if you already have a concrete hard-standing and are looking to pave over it.

How Porcelain Paving is Manufactured - by Talasey

This video shows how the Talasey Vitripiazza porcelain paving ranges are manufactured and the technical aspects of the process. An interesting video to watch how your stone is made and the ultra-modern processes involved. All Talasey Vitripiazza products conform to UKCA regulations.


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