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Sedum Matting / Green Roofing

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    • 2m x 1m
      Depth: 35-50mm +/-
      Coverage: 24.00 m2
      In Stock
    • £21.58per m2
    • £518.00per pack
    • 2m x 1m
      Depth: 35-50mm +/-
      Coverage: 18.00 m2
      In Stock
    • £23.38per m2
    • £421.00per pack
    • 2m x 1m
      Depth: 35-50mm +/-
      Coverage: 12.00 m2
      In Stock
    • £26.91per m2
    • £323.00per pack
    • 2m x 1m
      Depth: 35-50mm +/-
      Coverage: 6.00 m2
      In Stock
    • £37.66per m2
    • £226.00per pack
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Delivered Next Working Day

Sedum matting offers a beautiful roof covering ideal for flat roofs or ground cover. It attracts benefical insects and is great for the environment mainly from the Sedum family. Sedum is a hardy drought tolerant, frost hardy plant adding year round colour to your garden. Sedum flowers appear in summer and are nectar-rich. That means they are particularly attractive to butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. In Winter the Sedum species keep their leaves which turn a lovely shade of cherry red. Using Sedum matting gives you all year round interest. Sedum is grown onto a special vegetation blanket with substrate growing medium to FFL roofing standards. Sedum can go for up to one month without watering, with no need for mowing or pruning. It prefers full sun or part shade and tolerates sea salt. Weed suppressant fabric is required when used as ground cover, however some weed may stablish over time, these can just be pulled out.

Optional extra - Green Roof Drainage Matting - Ideal to use on flat roofs to prevent the Sedum becoming water-logged.

Seed mix, may contain; Album, Floriferum, Montanum, Oreganum, Reflexum, Sexangulare, Spurium stoloniferum, Stenopetalum, Sedum Hispanicum, Ellacombianum, Hybr Czar's gold, Kamtchaticum, Pulchellum, Ruspestre Angelina, Spurium ' coccineum' purple carpet, Spurium summer glory, Saxifrage Granulata

We sell our sedum matting in several convenient packages of 6,12,18,or 24 square metres to all areas of UK mainland

Green plants can help to minimise the damage done to our environment by modern lifestyles. Sedum brings all the benefits of green plants to places that might otherwise remain bare but it has hardly any impact on the way we live our lives.

Attracts Wildlife

A food source for butterflies, bees and many other insects
A safe place for mini-beasts to live and to overwinter
Birds feed on insects and seedheads
Dead stalks/flower stems are used by birds as nesting material
Helps to increase biodiversity

Drought Tolerant

Needs minimal watering

Low Maintenance

Feed only once a year - saves time and money, no excess nutrients to leach into water courses

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

Helps reduce global warming
Improves air quality by releasing oxygen

Filters Dust And Pollutants From The Air

  • Brand

    Paving Superstore

Brand Information

Specialising in the supply of natural stone paving and facilitating the use of stone throughout the landscape and construction industries for 30 years, and now also offering many more products for garden and landscaping. Paving Superstore products are sourced directly from the best producers in the UK and overseas. Much of our paving is used in commercial settings such as town centres, public parks and shopping malls, but is now available for use in the domestic market for beautiful gardens. Our buildings and garden features are built by experts offering high quality products that conform to safety regulations and expected standards. All aggregate conforms to BS EN933-1 in regards to sieve test dimensions. All paving is CE marked with relevant declaration of performance supporting documents to guarantee suitability in the UK

Delivery Information

Delivery: usually 3-5 working days. Due to unprecedented industry demand these may be subject to change, for more information on this and our delivery times please read our status update.

Please select a product option from the table above to see full specification.

This layout is for example purposes only. Mixed sized patio packs are not sold as a kit. Please ensure that you allow a minimum of 10% extra above your measurements as margin.

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Sadly, over 50% of paving sold in the UK does not meet these standards, however you can be confident that all our paving products do.

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