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Below you will find some popular answers to questions we are often asked here a Paving Superstore


Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charges are included in the price of the goods with the exception of some areas where a top-up delivery surcharge applies per pack. Please refer to the map below for more information.

Please contact us for prices to other areas. We would be pleased to quote on overseas deliveries if required.

Yellow - Delivery included in price so no extra charges.

Postcodes: AL, B, BA, BB, BD, BH, BL, BN, BR, BS, CB, CF, CH, CM, CO, CR, CT, CV, CW, DA, DE, DH, DL, DN, DT, DY, E, EC, EN, FY, GL, GU, HA, HD, HG, HP, HR, HU, HX, IG, IP, KT, L, LA, LE, LN, LS, LU, M, ME, MK, NE, NP, NG, N, NN, NR, NW, OL, OX, PE, PO, PR, RG, RH, RM, S, SE, SG, SK, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SR, ST, SS, SW, TA, TF, TN, TS, TW, UB, W, WA, WC, WD, WF, WN, WR, WV, YO

Blue - Surcharge applies to some items. Usually £10 per paving pack, but will vary for other items

Postcodes: CA, DG, EH, EX, FK, G, KA, KY, LD, LL, ML, PA1-19, PL, SA, SY, TD, TQ, TR

Blue - Surcharge applies to most items. Usually £45 per paving pack, but will vary for other items

Postcodes: AB, DD, IV (some exceptions apply)

How long does delivery take?

With most orders of paving, stone, composts, bark and rubber, delivery takes around 2-4 working days, based upon your order being placed before lunchtime on a working day. Occasionally some paving orders can take up to 10 days, therefore please contact us to confirm delivery schedules if you are working to a timescale.

Turf and sedum arrive the day after harvesting, so let us know when you need it and we will arrange to have the goods cut and delivered overnight to ensure they stay fresh. Garden buildings and structures range from around 7-30 working days.

Do you offer Express delivery?

Yes – we can offer a next day delivery service on a range of items for a small additional fee. Orders ideally need to be placed before 1030 am, but please contact us if you are outside this time as we may still be able to help.

Do you offer Saturday delivery?

Yes – we can often offer Saturday delivery on a range of items, although it is often better value to consider a weekday delivery at a specific time to suit. Please contact us to discuss.

How will I know when the goods will arrive?

With the exception of small goods such as sealants, paint and paving mortars which are sent without prior notification via parcel carrier, all large product deliveries will be pre-booked with you by the delivery company for a day that is convenient with you. If you book an Express or Saturday delivery, these will not need to be booked in again.

Will I know the exact time of delivery?

The transport company will call to book in a convenient delivery day with you but delivery can be between 8am and 6pm and we will not be able to advise an exact time of delivery. There is an upgrade available for an AM delivery for a small surcharge which means delivery will be before 12pm.

What size of lorry is used for delivery?

Our standard delivery service uses large 18 tonne vehicles – about the size of a large removal lorry. The dimensions of the vehicle are approximately: L9.9m x W2.5m x H3.6m If this is too large, let us know at the time of placing your order as we can often offer a smaller 7.5 tonne vehicle. The dimesions of this vehicle are approximately: L7.10m x W2.4m x H3.2m.

In all cases, the vehicle must have clear access to your property and there must be no restrictions to prevent offloading. The goods will be unloaded from the back of the lorry using a tail-lift (a platform that lowers down). The pallets are then rolled off the vehicle, therefore it is very important that the ground is level and hard such as tarmac or concrete. Grass, compacted soil and gravel are not suitable areas for unloading. It is important to note that the goods will usually be left kerb-side as the delivery company will not be able to take the large delivery vehicle onto your driveway due to the risk of damage to your property.

Please be sure to advise us in advance if you foresee any problems with the delivery as there will be costly redelivery fees if the delivery company has to make a further attempt to deliver as a result of potential problems not being reported in advance. The photographs below provide an indication to the size of vehicle used.

With large orders comprising several pallets, we will always look to deliver on a lorry with a crane/ hiab offload or a moffat (mini-forklift). We will advise you in advance if your goods will be delivered this way. This type of delivery will usually be made on an articulated vehicle weighing around 22 tonnes and measuring often as much as 16 metres in length.

Other delivery options are often available for difficult delivery locations, so please let us know in advance of any delivery restrictions.

Will I need to be at home to receive the delivery and will the driver require assistance?

We always advise you or a representative to be at home to receive the goods just in case the driver encounters any difficulties with parked cars blocking the way for example. If you are at home, this kind of problem can usually be resolved at the time. Also, some packs of paving can be heavy and it is not always possible to know in advance, especially with natural stone which can vary in weight. In these situations, it may be necessary for you to assist the driver with offloading some of the goods manually. If this will cause you any difficulty, please let us know in advance.

Will all goods arrive together?

As a general rule, all goods produced by the same manufacturer will arrive as one delivery presuming they have been ordered at the same time. Occasionally exceptions to this rule will occur, however we will advise you of this in advance. All small items such as paving sealant, paint and mortar products are sent via a separate courier service.

Will you deliver into my driveway or my back garden?

We offer a kerbside delivery as standard, however the driver may be able to move the pallet closer to your property but this depends on the ease of access and is at the discretion of the driver. The hand trolley will not wheel over gravel or soft ground.

Returns & Cancellations

Can I return the goods if I don’t like them?

Yes as long as the goods are in the same condition as when they were delivered to you. You will be responsible for returning the goods to us at your cost which can often cost in excess of £120 per pack. You will also be liable for any direct costs incurred by us. Please note, returns will only be accepted within fourteen working days following receipt of the goods.

What happens if I have some broken items delivered?

We will replace broken items, however to do this we will need photographs showing all the breakages emailed to us with notification of the goods requiring replacement. We must be advised of breakages within a maximum of 5 days, after this time it will be too late to claim.You will also be requested to keep the broken goods as we may need to collect them for insurance purposes. Once the goods have been used we will not be responsible for any breakages as we request you to check the goods for faults prior to using.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes - you can cancel your order before it has left us without cost, however we often prepare your goods for shipping almost immediately in order to get them to you quickly. Once the goods are with the transport company, there will be costs to return them, often in excess of £120 per pack of palletised goods, although this charge will differ according to the type of goods ordered. Please contact us for details.


You highlight the 'brands' of paving you sell - is this important?

We feel this is very important as it guarantees the quality of product you receive. This is especially valuable with natural stone as many unknown sources of natural stone are not suitable for use in the UK as the paving is too soft and porous and will not withstand the temperature extremes we experience in the UK. All the major brands offered by Paving Superstore quality control their products and also guarantee them against defects.

Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. This ensures that the paving is tested for frost resistance, have a water absoprtion less than 2.5% (although usually less than 1.7%) and have flexural strength greater than 12mpa. These results mean that the paving will be easier to maintain and will not crack in frost.

Note, fossil mint / mint / golden fossil colours of natural sandstone are more porous than the above criteria and will require additional cleaning as a result. We recommend considering slightly darker colours of sandstone if a more practical paving is required.

The following two videos provide invaluable information to consider when purchasing natural stone paving:

Are your products ethically sourced?

We only offer major brands of paving and these manufacturers all belong to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative). This ensures that:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Child labour will not be used
  • Discrimination shall not be practised
  • Living wages are paid
  • Employees are treated respectfully and fairly
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions are provided
  • Working hours are not excessive
Some natural stone seems quite thin, is it suitable for use in this country?

As all our products are produced by major industry leaders, they go through stringent quality control procedures including tests against temperature extremes. It is quite normal for calibrated and sawn natural stone products to range from 15mm thickness upwards and this is suitable as exterior grade paving.

Are all products on your website currently available?

The majority of products will be available when you order, however from time to time, some very popular products may have longer than usual waiting times. We will let you know if this is the case and offer you alternative products if you do not want to wait. Alternatively you are welcome to cancel your order prior to any goods being dispatched.

Can I butt-joint any paving product with sawn edges?

Most paving products with sawn / straight cut edges can be laid with minimal joints, however it will always be necessary to have a small gap of a minimum of 5-10mm between the paving slabs to make allowances for slight size variations between the slabs. The joint width should be assessed prior to laying.

I would like to order some turf / sedum matting - how can I be sure it will be fresh when it arrives?

We ship our turf and sedum on an overnight delivery for a morning delivery. We do not arrange to have the goods harvested until the day prior to delivery. Turf and sedum are living products and should be laid within 2 hours of delivery onto a suitable surface. Turf must be watered twice daily until established and furthermore in dry conditions.

Do you install garden buildings?

Unless specified otherwise, all buildings and timber items require construction on site and will often need minor cutting to materials to complete the project. This necessitates the use of tools as appropriate. We are able to offer an installation service on many products - please contact us for details.

I like the product photos on your website, but will the goods differ much when it arrives?

We mainly use photographs from the brochures of our major manufacturers and these provide a good representation of the products we sell, however lighting conditions and reprographic limitations may affect the appearance of the goods.

What should I expect with natural stone paving?

With natural stone, there is always the chance that the colour variations between slabs will be greater, especially with sandstone paving. Similarly, natural stone often contains brown markings caused by iron oxidisation, however this is usually a temporary phenomenon and will gradually weather down. There will often be other mineral deposits within the stone such as quartzite or occasional fossil markings. It is also worth noting that natural stone will sometimes contain small chips, blemishes and minor imperfections which can either occur during the manufacturing process or will form part of the natural features of the stone. Please consider ordering extra paving if you prefer to only use stone with specific features. You will also need to order extra to allow for cuts and wastage. We can send samples of some products to assist you, however this will only offer an indication of colour and texture and does not guarantee the overall affect of the paving.

Detailed stone characteristics are contained in the product information sections on each individual product.

What quality control procedures are in place with decorative aggregates?

With any natural product, there is always the chance that the colour variations will be greater. Similarly, natural stone can contain broken or misshapen pieces and may vary slightly from the photo. The sizes of natural stone products are approximate and conform to British Standard grading systems which mean that they are passed through a sieve to allow stones of the correct size to fall through. Depending upon the stone shape, larger pieces may fall though the sieve if they are the correct measurement in one direction. We can send samples of some products to assist you, however this will only offer an indication of colour and texture and does not guarantee the overall affect.

I'm concerned with the timber quality of my log cabin/ shed/ timber builder or structure, what should I do?

Wood is a natural material used in a wide range of construction projects and is known for its sturdiness, elasticity, noise reduction qualities and overall aesthtic appeal as a result of its natural characteristics. It will also swell, shrink and crack, release resins, display marrow, gnarls and graining, show inconsistent smoothness and ruggedness, release salts and exhibit pinholes and fungi/ mould. All of these characteristics are expected with wood and can be explained as follows. Swelling, shrinkage and cracking is caused by the humidity in the atmosphere altering the volume of the wood. Resins escape from the wood usually in the first year following manufacturing. They fall off naturally of may be planed. Marrow, gnarls and grains are unique, natural characteristics of the tree. Rugged areas are where the natural texture of the wood differs and despite milling, cannot be removed. Salts, mould and fungi are caused by the humidity in the atmosphere and are usually a temporary phenomenon. Similary, pressure treated wood often shows markings that may appear to be mould, but are in fact a build up of the treatment applied which may be removed by hand or will gradually weather away. Pinholes are produced by small xylophagous insects. These insects were killed while processing the stem into the end product. Wood, the same as any natural material will never be 'perfect' as the beauty of the material is the variation in colour, texture and finish.

I'm not sure I like colour variation, am I better choosing concrete paving?

Many concrete / ceramic paving products are designed to look like their natural stone counterparts and include colour mottling to replicate the natural stone colouring. A few years ago, the cost of natural stone was much higher and meant that for many people, it was a luxury they could not afford. Nowadays, natural stone paving is usually better value than concrete paving and is a viable, cost effective paving solution. Both the natural stone and manmade replica paving will have colour variations however the more contemporary styled concrete and ceramic paving is usually consistent in colour to offer a sleek, clean appearance, so if a uniform colour finish is desired, then a manmade concrete or ceramic paving may suit your requirements better.

The following video highlights some of the differences between manmade and natural stone paving.

The sandstone paving I've had delivered has tapered edges - which way should I lay it?

A lot of natural stone paving products will have tapered edges. Always lay the stone with the smaller face downward.

For all full list of our terms and conditions of sale, please read this information.