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Questions and Answers

Below you will find some popular answers to questions we are often asked here at Paving Superstore


You highlight the 'brands' of paving you sell - is this important?
Are your products ethically sourced?
Some natural stone seems quite thin, is it suitable for use in this country?
Are all products on your website currently available?
Can I butt-joint any paving product with sawn edges?
I would like to order some turf / sedum matting - how can I be sure it will be fresh when it arrives?
Do you install garden buildings?
I like the product photos on your website, but will the goods differ much when it arrives?
What should I expect with natural stone paving?
What quality control procedures are in place with decorative aggregates?
I'm concerned with the timber quality of my log cabin/ shed/ timber builder or structure, what should I do?
I'm not sure I like colour variation, am I better choosing concrete paving?
The natural stone paving I've had delivered has tapered edges - which way should I lay it?
What are the white marks on the surface of my paving?
Can I use regular paving slabs on a driveway?
My paving / natural stone colours are completely different to your website images
Can I seal my new paving?
Can I get samples?
Do you only offer full packs of paving?
What is the dust seen on new natural stone paving?


Do you charge for delivery?
How long does delivery take?
Do you offer Express delivery?
Do you offer Saturday delivery?
How will I know when the goods will arrive?
Will I know the exact time of delivery?
What size of lorry is used for delivery?
Will I need to be at home to receive the delivery and will the driver require assistance?
Will all goods arrive together?
Will you deliver into my driveway or my back garden?
How do I open the packs of paving that have been delivered?

Returns & Cancellations

Can I return the goods if I don't like them?
What happens if I have some broken items delivered?
Can I cancel my order?

Payments & Prices

What payment systems do you use?
Do your prices include VAT?
Do you offer trade or bulk discounts?
I've noticed you offer Naked Wines vouchers - can I use these if I'm already registered with Naked Wines?


How do I cut paving slabs?